Destination information tool promises increased travel safety, eventually

Destination information from a trusted source can make for a rich travel experience and help keep us safe. Knowing where to go (and not go) in a city we have not traveled to before can be valuable information to have on hand. Trip Sentry, a new search engine for travelers, hopes to become the authority site for connecting people on the move with travel safety advice.

“Trip Sentry solves the problem of getting high quality, relevant advice to travelers completely,” said Co-Founder Adam Sculthorpe, “our new search engine allows travelers to easily get advice from trusted sources and set up travel safety alerts for any destination in just a few seconds.”

Not a bad idea really. One problem though: Multiple searches for commonly visited cities produced few or no results. Randomly selecting New York, Baltimore, Chicago, Los Angeles: Nothing.

International destination information fared better though. London had 55 results and a search for Hong Kong came up with 85 results that included exit and entry information, safety and security data, natural disaster and weather background and alerts along with information about culture, laws and customs.

Trip Sentry also has a member portal allowing travelers to configure alerts for multiple-city destination information and set up departure notes to be sent out just before a trip begins.

I input destinations coming up this year on my travel schedule as well as dream destinations I hope to visit some day. Trip Sentry is a work in progress that promises to have real, personal value in the future.

“We’ve already delivered travel safety advice to people in more than 403 Cities, most of them in Europe and North America but quite a few in Southeast Asia too. I’m very pleased with the feedback we’ve had so far but we have a way to go yet, it’s early days,” said Sculthorpe.

Flickr photo by keithusc