Luxury cruise line adds rock star experience

Crystal Cruises is an upscale, luxury cruise line that is known for pampering passengers with top-of-the-line amenities and onboard services. Now, the line is extending its highbrow experience to passengers before they even get on the ship.

“Security lines, long hikes, uncomfortable chairs, cumbersome luggage – the modern-day airport experience has lost the ease that flying once provided,” says Vice President of Land & Port Operations John Stoll. As he explained to the Sacramento Bee, “Whether one prefers to travel discreetly, or just minimize inconvenience, this service ushers you into the refined gentility of a Crystal experience from the moment your vacation really begins: when you leave home.”

The personalized, 24/7 luxury service, available for purchase internationally by all Crystal cruisers, utilizes worldwide airport resources to facilitate a hassle-free airport experience for guests traveling to and from their Crystal ship.

Speeding through airports in rock star fashion, Crystal passengers bypass much of the customary stress associated with flying. Door-to-gate porter and escort services, fast-track processes, and access to VIP/Business Class Lounges, where available, are all part of the new Crystal VIP Airport Service, the first of its kind offered by a cruise line.Services include: greeting passengers upon airport arrival on all legs of their flight schedule; handling luggage from home to the ship; assistance with delayed or cancelled flights and related lodging, transportation, and meals.

Packages are available for up to four people in hubs around the globe from New York and LA to Rio and Hong Kong. Prices vary depending on location and the services selected with amenity menu subject to local laws, regulations, and/or airline/airport policies.

For those who must carry their own luggage, there are tips for getting through security checkpoints.

Photo: Crystal Cruises