Glass Beach in Fort Bragg, California

A little over a year ago, when I flew out to Tahoe to learn how to ski, I didn’t expect to wind up traveling north on Highway 1 looking for a Glass Beach. My ski weekend evolved easily and quickly into an extended stay in Northern California wherein I rented a car to both drive and sometimes sleep in as I explored the Bay Area and beyond. On a whim, I decided to spend my birthday at Vichy Springs in Ukiah. The alluring springs took me north but I took the long route, the route that parallels the Pacific Ocean. My plan was to get as far north as Fort Bragg for the sole purpose of setting my eyes on Glass Beach and then to loop back down to Ukiah. Glass Beach was once a dump, but once-sharp pieces of broken glass have now dulled and polished naturally, creating a multi-colored beach like no other. I never got to Fort Bragg. I pulled over on the side of the serene highway for a nap and woke up with barely enough time to make it to Ukiah before midnight. C’est la vie. One day I’ll visit Glass Beach. If you’d like to get there yourself, learn more about the special beach by reading this story from