RelayRides: The Airbnb Of Transportation

We’ve seen travel sites like CouchSurfing and Airbnb that allow people to share their home, but a new nationwide cooperative site is allowing people to share their car.

While many programs exist that allow people to pay into being part of a group car-share program and rent vehicles for a cheap price, RelayRides takes a different approach, and is very useful to travelers without a vehicle. The cars and trucks for rent are already owned by someone, meaning you’re not actually adding a new car to the road. Additionally, renters are required to pass a screening process when signing up for the site. Based on this and reviews, car owners can choose who can rent their vehicle.

So, how does the car owner benefit? By getting paid. When someone rents, they are required to refill the tank and pay an agreed-upon fee set up by the owner. For the person renting, it’s often much cheaper than renting from a corporation, with some cars being less than $180 per week. Furthermore, it’s nice to help the local community instead of big corporations sometimes.

Through RelayRides, renters and owners are covered through insurance, and there is roadside assistance and customer support built in. For owners, the company also handles the billing. It is free for both owners and renters to sign up.

Would you loan your car to a traveler for money?