Photo of the day: behold the power of Cadbury chocolate

Depending on which side of the pond you hail from, you probably have a strong opinion on which Cadbury chocolate is superior. Americans live for the season when the Cadbury Creme Egg (now actually made by Hershey) is available to provide way more sugar in one sitting than is advisable, while Brits find the Yankee versions of their confectionary too sweet and consider the simple Dairy Milk bar to be perfection. Flickr user andreakw has introduced a third contender: Cadbury Australia, which offers a fairly dazzling array of flavors, from white chocolate (I personally find it an affront to chocolate, but others love it) to Turkish delight. Any Aussies want to compare their Cadbury to the American or British varieties?

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Two Brits walk into a Walmart…

American media likes to make fun of other cultures. Stereotypes have been exploited in films like Crocodile Dundee and Rocky IV (along with pretty much any movie that featured Russians in the 1980s) along with television shows such as Outsourced. We tend to tolerate mocking other cultures so long as it’s done lightheartedly or to make America look better. Well, it’s about time that we realized that people from outside the United States like to make fun of us, too. Like these two Brits that visited a Walmart in California.

Apparently, fat Americans (that’s what people call us when we’re not around) enjoy ham and cheese loaves and iced tea by the gallon. Is Walmart an accurate representation of America? Well, in some ways, it kind of is. Just like someone named Liam is an accurate representation of England. Aren’t something like 78% of guys there named Liam?

[Via Matador]

Brits are worst-dressed tourists in Europe

When it comes to dressing horribly, the British are the best of the worst. According to a survey conducted by TripAdvisor, Brits are the worst-dressed tourists roaming the Continent. According to the Telegraph, the Germans and Americans are next in line when it comes to fashion-challenged tourists. The survey covered several other topics, as well.

The French may be well-dressed, but they are the worst when it comes to checking their emails while they are traveling. 93% of Britons make an attempt to speak the local language while on holiday while 20% of French travelers admitted to making no attempt to do the same.

76% of those poorly-dressed Brits plan to take a summer vacation this year.

A TripAdvisor spokesperson said, ”Despite airline strikes, an uncertain economy and an erupting volcano, it’s reassuring to see British travellers recognising the importance of a summer holiday again.” It’s just a shame that they’re doing so in such horrible outfits.

Holiday flings are endangering young Brits

Ah, holiday flings. My teenage journals account in painstaking detail so many clandestine meetings with various so-called ‘hotties’ on family trips. The ideal hook-up was one straight out of Dirty Dancing; unfortunately, I suspect my own teenage awkwardness was more reminiscent of Napoleon Dynamite. There was always a problem though — the family. Holiday romances were always foiled by having to spend time with the parents, not to mention inevitable embarrassment from a little brother. Still, it makes for good reading material dozens of years later.

My Holidays romances were always the pinnacle of innocence. There was a dance, maybe a small kiss (usually on the cheek) but nothing further. They sure weren’t anything like the holiday flings of today. Case in point: This article talks about how holiday flings are putting young Brits (16 – 24) at risk for a number of STDs, including HIV. Apparently young travellers have some sort of ‘no holds barred’ approach to holiday sex and it’s costing them their health. But guess what kids — it still counts as sex even if you do it in a foreign country.

My, how the times have changed. Or maybe I’m just a prude.