Think Before You Click

We all make trivial typing mistakes, but for one German tourist, a wrong letter resulted in an 8,000 mile trek in the wrong direction. Tobi Gutt wanted to book a flight online to Sydney, Australia, but he actually ordered a ticket to Sidney, Montana. He didn’t realize his mistake until he found himself meeting a connecting flight to the 5,000 person town in Billings, Montana. Gutt waited three days in Billings before he received 600 Euros (about $790) from friends and family to purchase a fare for the right continent.

I’ve made airline booking mistakes, but I’ve always caught them before I ended up with the wrong flight dates. Though, it’s usually been a pain — and costly — to get someone on the phone and fix my errors. So, everyone, please remember what your elementary school teacher kept telling you: “Always check your work.” (Well, maybe she was just always telling me that.)