Flight attendant gives hilarious safety message

Happy Monday and this should perk you up. If you’ve ever spaced out during the flight attendant safety talks and casually wondered if perhaps you should actually look at the card in the seat pocket in front of you, here’s a video that will remind you exactly how many exit doors there are–and everything else you need to know in case of an emergency. All the information is accurate, it’s the delivery that gets your attention. Here’s a sample.

“If you don’t like our service, the flight gets too long, we have 6 emergency exits–2 at the front, 2 over window doors, and 2 at the rear–signs over head–lights on the floor– leave through those exits.”

The life vest, the seat becoming a floatation device, the oxygen mask and that seat pocket instruction are all covered. Thanks, Marilyn Terrell, our friend at Intelligent Traveler, for sending this hilarious gem our way. And thanks to rodizzl for recording the attendant and posting it on You Tube. Stellar.