Sleeping with silhouettes at the Hard Rock Las Vegas

No one ever said Sin City wasn’t sexy, and well, sinful. To prove the point (as if you couldn’t do it on your own), the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Las Vegas’ new HRH towers are featuring a new concept to their suites: virtual women and virtual gaming.

Hard Rock’s HRH Towers Provocateur Penthouse master suite features a seductive interactive projection system that’s built into an enormous bed and projects silhouettes onto the ceiling, the wall behind the bed, and onto the bed itself. Sensors placed on the beds detect ‘movement’ and produce images of women around the room.

The HRH Paradise Tower’s Penthouse offers a different kind of playhouse. Digital art pool tables, created by San Francisco-based Obscura Digital, transform the room’s in-suite gaming into one of three scenarios:

Scenario 1-Mercury: The pool balls virtually flow across the pool table creating ripples and waves in an underwater “mercury” theme. (Think: pebble hits water.)

Scenario 2-Flames: Hit the ball with your cue and watch it send smoke trails across the table. Once the ball settles they’ll fester and burn as they come to rest.

Scenario 3-Reveal: Ever wonder what’s under the pool table? We didn’t either, but the Hard Rock thought it might fun to add a little fantasy to the game. As the ball makes it way across the table, it exposes “one of the world’s most beautiful women hidden underneath,” according to the Hard Rock.

The wonders of modern technology never fail to amaze… especially in Las Vegas. Check out a photo of the pool table below: