Video of the Day: Don’t use baby leashes

Sigh, baby leashes. How demoralizing. We have strollers and Baby Björns and, hell, arms with which we can carry our children and children with their own healthy legs who can walk on their own while we, as responsible adults, observe them with our eyes and keep them close with verbal cues and instructions. Despite all of this, people continue to harness their children like some sort of pet capybara. We understand that you want to keep an eye on your kids – and we know that traveling with kids is far from easy – but isn’t there a better way?

Nannies are an expensive luxury and you’re certainly not always going to have a babysitter with you when you’re on a trip. But is it so hard to just monitor your own kids? Maybe hold their hands or something? Look, we can’t tell you how to raise your kids, so, if you’re going to use a baby leash, could you do us a solid and make sure that you’re not tugging the child backwards in an intersection? Thanks.